Private Fitness Sessions

Getting in shape; staying in shape; weight gain; achieving beach/bikini body; training for competition, whatever your goal is, our professional trainers will help you achieve your goals. Our trainers have experience of over 10 years in training individuals. 

Periodic assessments are done to track the progress and set future goals: 

  1. Nutrition assessment
  2. metabolic typing assessment;
  3. functional movement screening,
  4. fungal and parasite assessment, 
  5. Program design with exercise demonstration video. 

Our trainees come in all shapes and sizes, so start by having a desire for changing your body and we take care of your program. Payments will be made on weekly basis. Contact us or work with the trainer to reserve a time slot. 

Please make sure you select the correct/wanted week and location.

We offer our group sessions at two different locations, one in New Brunswick and other in Monroe Township. Please click below to access the location: